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A great way to explore the south-east coast above and under water, with your family and friends. 2 hours of a personalized snorkelling excursion on one of our boats with your captain and snorkelling guide. This activity is accessible to all ages and you don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer either. Mask, snorkel and a pair of fins will allow you to explore Menorcas marine flora and fauna and on the boat ride to and from our snorkelling sides, you get to see some of the beautiful coastline as well.

Snorkelling in Menorca with S’Algar Diving

Guided snorkelling and boat excursions | S'Algar Diving, Menorca

A brilliant way to combine a few things at once. Boat trip, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, sightseeing from the sea, spending time with friends and family, looking for hidden, sunken treasures, and visiting one or two of the best snorkelling places around S´Algar, accessible only from a boat. For our 2-hours snorkelling boat-excursions, we usually use our […]